so influencers…


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.14.55 pm.pngSo you open your Instagram app whilst rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and adjusting to the bright light of your phone and the first few posts you see are always influencers promoting a product. If its a influencer you constantly follow you go and check out the product  they were promoting purely cause you like that social influencer. Before you know it you have just purchased a product that you don’t need all because you saw a social influencer you like promoting the product and explaining how your life needs this!

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.13.15 pm.png

many of us are guilty of this and it just comes to show how well having influencers promoting products works. Its word of mouth and for years and year word of mouth has been one of the most powerful marketing tool and still is today and it just comes to show how well it still works.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.22.08 pm

As social media has grown over the last few years so has the concept of influences. There are many young millennials that have a career based off being a influencer on social media. You see them all over youtube, Instagram and also Facebook. Organisations pay these individuals to basically spread the word of a product and thats a part of their marketing strategy.

Weather you like it or not this strategy works and its a brilliant way to take a basic marketing concept and make it interesting.


  1. Yeah there’s a Youtuber named MrBeast who gets sponsorships from some companies. What he does is he donates money to live game streamers and this is what he does to the 30 grand that he was given by companies. He donates 30 grand to a popular streamer who has thousands of people watching and word of mouth goes crazyy. That’s the life that we live in now, you can make money doing anything on the internet!


  2. Hey !
    definitely agree that influencers may change peoples thoughts into buying something even if they dont want it. Do you think this crosses ethical boundaries or is perfectly fine because ultimately it is the consumers choice?


    1. Thats a really good comment? I don’t think it does cross an ethical boundaries as consumers have minds of their own and its their choice/action to buy something they may not need. It defiantly is very persuasive and manipulative and at the end of the day it comes down to another marketing technique


  3. I’m fine with social influences promoting products in their posts although if they do it too often I may be more inclined to unfollower as it gives the impression that they are being a bit artificial and unnatural in how they present themselves.


    1. Yeah I agree with you! When it becomes out of hand it seems to transactional and they loose the personal feeling when promoting items. I have seen makeup gurus do this and I stop following them once it feels to desperate.


  4. Hey nice blog! Personally i don”t like it when influencers i follow promote products on Instagram but i agree with you that its a very effective strategy, hence why so many brands use influencers to promote their products.


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