The internet…

With so many online users all using the internet to search X, Y and Z its a perfect oppurnunity for organisations to promote their brands through search engines. By delivering relevant content through search engines it encourages users to easily access the content by clicking the link that has been promoted.

promoting through search engines has also made it easier for the audience to easily engage with brands. It allows other brands to be seen and gain a high audience rate. It can potentially assist the consumer to find what they are after a lot faster.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.22.58 pm.png

A lot of businesses now use Facebook and Instagram to promote their business. For example a user may be searching for a particular makeup brand and when they log onto their Instagram theres an add for that exact brand. It is good for both the consumer and the business as the consumer can access they product information easily and it assist the business by promoting the brand on social platforms that are used constantly throughout the day.

This new form of marketing has taken off successfully as you now see on social media adds/promotions and how often do you click on the add? Its so tempting as it is right in your hands. The internet has become has a lot of potential to assist with brands build they structure and grow. There are so many ways of marketing nowadays.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.26.10 pm.png

Search engines now have almost become apart of daily living. Think about it. When you google for something you expect to find something similar that may assist you? It has become a way of marketing and life.



  1. It’s crazy how big social media has become for businesses alike to promote their products. I often wonder what next? What’s the next big thing that businesses will jump onto to promote their products or will it be social media for generations to come?


  2. Nice post! I use an adblocker and only realised the other day I didn’t remember clicking a google search ad in a while. I checked and sure enough, I’d been filtering them out of search all this time. Do you think ad blocking will ever be a serious threat to the industry?


    1. I don’t think add blocking will ever be a threat .. ads are a part of our daily lives and they keep social media running. so I don’t think its a threat but I do think some people may want ads blocked but I doubt it will happen


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