The power of WOM

Its interesting how there are so many ways to advertise these days with so many social media platforms and news apps yet WOM is the most effective use to spread word about your brand. If people like a brand they want to tell all their friends about it so they can all like the same brand and asociate themselves with the brand. WOM is also about connecting and making people feel apart of something.


When you think about it we use WOM a lot without even realising. You will find yourself out for coffee with friends and already you have promoted at least 5 brands. You may tell your friends about that awesome new bar around the corner or your friends will tell you about a new cafe that supports saving the environment. WOM is used everyday without people even knowing they are using WOM.


WOM can be used in a negative form if a customer has had a bad experience with a company. Most people are more likely to post a bad review rather than a good review as negative reviews get more attention. This isn’t always the case but its another form that WOM can be used and is something companies need to be aware of.

When uber first came to Melbourne not many people knew about it. People had heard it was better than taxi’s and was relatively cheaper back then. Then once people started using uber it blew up almost overnight, why? because people were using WOM. People wanted to tell their friends about their awesome uber driver that offered them water and candy whilst they enjoyed the ride to their destination. This is an example of how powerful WOM really is. Because Uber became popular everyone wanted an uber account to follow everybody else! Once Uber had taken over the taxi empire Uber released Uber eats and again with the power of WOM everyone wanted to get onboard with Uber eats. people who Netflix and chill could also order Uber eats and not leave their chill zone. All it takes is WOM and everyone wants to be on the same trend an everybody else.



People need to feel connect and connect with a brand. Thats why uber did so well at the begging because they connected with their audience. Other brands like Coke, Dove and  Apple are very successful now because they made their customers feel connect and appreciated. A customer walks into a Apple Store and they are greeted straight away with a Apple guru with a iPad ready to get the customer help. The customer feels appreciated and feels connected to the brand and because the customer is happy they mostly buy more in the store. Once that customer leaves they spread the WOM that they had the best experience!




  1. I remember when Uber first came out, people thought it was creepy. If you think about it, back then would you be walking into a strangers car and/or even letting your kids go into them? Now parents are letting Uber drive their kids to school! It’s crazy how Uber became successful and how perception has changed about them.

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  2. WOM has been used since the beginning of human civilisation, when people would take about what they purchased at the local market. Today people still use WOM as an effective tool when talking about their favourite or most hated brands and will continue to regardless of how advanced our world becomes.

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