consumers of social media..

When you think about it theres different segments and target audience for every brand out there. A company uses techniques and strategies to draw you in and grab your attention. Some goes for social media. People use social media platforms for many different reasons. It all depends on the individuals motives to what drives them to use social media. There are two motives, Rational and Emotional. Emotional uses are using these platforms for social connections such as, community development, self actulisation and self express then we have rational users who use these platforms for entertainment and informational.

Creatives users of social media is only 22%, these are the users who are creative and use these platforms for blogging, publishing web pages, create music and writers. then on the other side of the spectrum there are 67% of spectators, and these spectators use these platforms to view what that creative users are doing on the social platforms. They wants to view music, blogs read and so on. Then there are critics who make up 40% of the spectrum. The critics use these platforms to comment on other users posts and Blogs, contribute to online forums and post ratings/views. This is a brief spectrum of the users of social media.

Then we have business who use these social media platforms for communicational purposes to allow people to interact with their brand and create brand awareness. Business learn how their consumers work and then the company targets them on social media to gain their attention. Brands want to give their consumers a “real” connection though social media, making their consumers feel apart of the brand and using social media platforms to achieve this.

Social media can also have a sting for business as a lot of consumers will use these platforms to write a review and if its a bad review and can interrupt the reputation of the business especially if there are a number of bad reviews. People like to do this as they want their voice to be heard and they had faith in that particular brand and that brand managed to fail, its almost seen as a break up.

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