Week One..

Thought it would never arrive but it did and its almost weird that it has and I actually don’t know if I’m happy that I’m at that point, its the final year of University and its something all university students would dream of yer when it arrives its a weird feeling. The final year. Everything becomes more real, I now have to actually think about what I want to do after I finish university. I have a feeling that this year will be a good year, even though its the final year it will be good and looking forward to creating some good memories.

After almost three months worth of holidays its week one back at uni. (where did the time go)? I am in my final class for the week and its Digital Marketing and this class is one of my favourite classes. In the first week we discussed what we expect and hope to learn about digital marketing. beside this activity there was settling into our seats, the tutor trying fix a technical problem on the computer, meeting people, finding class, getting lost even though its my last year (still manage to get lost).

What do I expect to learn from this topic? I would like to hope I learn how to manage digital marketing accounts and how to be organised and ensure that I am doing everything correct so that I get good outcomes. What content is relevant to use when working in digital marketing (last thing I want to do is bore the audience). Learn how to be creative and use catchy phrases to attract the audience. Im not sure if anything to do with the data and systems is involved but even to learn that or have an understanding would be good and How to keep up with the demand with technology.

These days everything is digital! even the news paper now is in an app on our phones and we are getting into the habit of waking up, turning on our phones and reading the news on our phones instead of the paper that has been around for hundreds of years. Therefore I think it is important to ensure I gain a lot from this class/topic and I will use so much of it in my future career. I believe in putting 120% into everything so I want to make sure I learn as much as I can and that I do it correctly. With everything so digital I feel it would be useful and interesting to have knowledge and understanding of how the digital world works and how its taking over the world.

Until next time,

bye my loves.


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